28 IV 1920

The idea of forming the Catholic Middle School was mooted for the very first time


36 morgens of land near Źródłowa Street were bought. The main construction works started.

6 VI 1923

The Catholic Public Middle School for Boys was established.


·         Up to this year, school had been gradually gaining in popularity. In 1927, it became a very prestigious, modern boarding school.

·         The school building was extended and the school chapel was established.


The Catholic Public Middle School for Boys was transformed into middle school with grades 1,2,3,4 and biennial secondary school.


The school resigned from its public (private) status and became rather state-integrated.

6 IX 1939

When II World War broke out, the school building very soon became occupied by the Nazi’s army.


During the war, the school building was transformed into a SS and Nazi’s gendarmerie headquarters and partly into an army hospital. On 15th January 1945, Nazi’s army definitely left the school premises.

9 III 1945

The Catholic Public Middle School for Boys was reopened.


School was taken over by communist authorities. The Catholic Public Middle School for Boys was dissolved and the building was transformed into new premises of the 3rd State Secondary School for Boys


The 3rd State Secondary School for Boys and 8th Primary School were merged together and since then, they were known under the name of the “1st Primary and Secondary School of the Society of Friends of Children”. First girls started to attend the school.


 11 – graded schools were generally abolished. Therefore, the 24th Primary School and 5th  Piotr Ściegienny Secondary School were set in the building of the former Catholic Middle School.


A couple of years after the communist government in Poland was overthrown, church officials managed to repossess  the building and the Saint Stanislaus Kostka Primary and Secondary School started out again. 


The Saint Stanislaus Kostka Middle School was formed.


Our main aim remains to bring up students in the spirit of catholic values. We also want to make them feel well – prepared for the future. Many of our graduates have already achieved significant success in many areas of education and our  schoolchildren are highly praised for their skills and attitude.


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