What purpose do we serve?
The aim of the school is to shape students’ personality and to prepare them to the appropriate and creative participation in the life of today’s world and Church. The educational process aims to develop students’ personalities comprehensively, considering their individual aptitude, talents and interests and to bring them up for ‘good Christians and honest citizens’ (after Saint Jean Bosco). Our students gain solid knowledge of the world and the human being and we shape ability to evaluate and make decisions. We develop individual talents and aspirations. We shape students’ humanistic attitude in the spirit of Christian personality and fondness of culture and national traditions. We teach students to be responsible for the nation and homeland.

For whom is our offer?
We are a Catholic High School of the Kielce Diocese. We exist for the diocese community to shape young people in the catholic spirit and support parents and priests introducing Christian values to young people. We direct our offer especially to young people who want to deepen their faith. We assume that a student who decides to start education in our school will respect its religious character. We also welcome students who are looking for the truth and do not have a clear and definite outlook on the world. The attitude of openness not only lets young people gain knowledge in the common educational environment but also creates a social bound facilitating mutual understanding and overcoming prejudices. Students are our partners and we customize the way we work to their needs. In the school community, which includes students, parents, teachers and other school workers, we care about the feeling of safety and acceptation.

What do we want to achieve?
In our school students gain solid knowledge and abilities that allow them to obtain high scores in external exams. We inspire students to intellectual, spiritual and physical development. We prepare them for further education and self-education. We teach young people how to be enterprising and independent, how to use modern sources of information and how to use knowledge in practice. We allow students to develop their personal interests and we arouse their ambitions. We prepare students for aware participation in the world of culture. We take into account individual educational needs of each student in the educational process. We offer a variety of extracurricular classes.
We want to bring up young people, who:
– require a lot from themselves, considering St. Stanislaus Kostka as a role model,
– can make use of the gift of freedom and are responsible for their actions,
– can distinguish between the good and the evil,
– can see the aim and the meaning of their existence,
– care about their own and others’ health,
– are not addicted to anything,
– respect other people and reject aggression and violence,
– live in harmony with nature.
The values we instill in students are based on the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments) and the rules of Christian personality. We also pay attention to the sense of the national and regional identity. We prepare students to live and cooperate with a group, family, local environment and homeland. We teach them to respect national, religious and cultural dissimilarity.

We work to support parents’ pedagogical efforts. We wish to bring up righteous citizens who will become the cultural and intellectual elite of the Homeland and the Church. They will bring to people’s lives – according to the words of Pope John Paul II – the hidden treasure of the Gospel to build the civilization of wisdom, brotherhood, solidarity and peace and will take part in rebuilding the world and work hard to make the Kingdom of God come.

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